Sri Lankan brides decorate themselves on their wedding day with a unique and exquisite range of jewellery. The jewellery is adorned and worn by women belonging to the regal families. They are designed using the finest precious metals and embedded with stunning jewels such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds and pearls.
A Garden of Delight

Flower Decor

Being an exotic tropical island Sri Lanka abounds in fauna and flora and companies that specialise in wedding flower décor. Delightful flowers that symbolises timeless natural beauty and elegance made into exquisite arrangements that crown not only your wedding venues but also bouquets, garlands and even your wedding vehicles with colourful and fragrant nosegays.


The island’s sugarcraft industry creates delicious cakes
and you will have the privileged of tasting delicious traditional Sri Lankan cakes as well as mouthwatering International deserts.

Beauticians, Dresses and Cosmetics

In Sri Lanka haute couture specially in wedding attire is of an international standard where elegance in fashion and high skills in beauty culture exponents abound. Most of these have had their skills and training honed in fashion and beauty capitals of the world with a touch of the local to add to the exotic and avant garde runways of the national milieu. Cosmetics can be the bride’sbest friend and good makeup is what you generally notice finally. Invest in high quality foundations and bases that protect and nourish your skin. The bride has to wear make up for hours, hence it has to be a combination of beautiful, comfortable and resilient.