Kandyan Bride

Unlike western wedding customs the regalia of a Kandyan bride is replete with exquisitely designed apparel and complemented with jewellery that gives the event a lavish look and an extra sparkle to the whole event. The traditional costume which is the Osariya (Saree) is profusely decorated with gold and silver thread, pearls, beads, sequins which gives the bride a regal look.

Kandyan Groom’s Attire

The Sri Lankan groom’s wedding outfit is the most unique in South East Asia. It includes a plush velvet hat and jacket and a rich fabric of the draped cloth. The Kandyan groom’s outfit is called the Nilame costume and comprises of four parts: hat, jacket, mul anduma, and shoes. The mul anduma is the main dress code for the groom and the Osiriya is for the bride. From head to toe, the groom’s outfit is heavily embroidered with silver and gold thread. The jacket and shoes match the hat. The groomsmen also wear similar outfits but not as grand as the groom’s.