The Ideal Wedding & Honeymoon Location

Sri Lanka is a lush tropical island that’s famed for its natural beauty from time immemorial. Set in the Indian Ocean just beneath the tip of India, Sri Lanka has been a magical and magnetic location for seafarers from the world over. Golden beaches, lush green forests, an amazing culture, an ancient history that goes back to 543 BC, undulating landscapes, an exquisite highland combined with natural resources such as brilliant gems, a fabulous fauna and flora and a super hospitable people all tend to make this island a veritable paradise on earth.

An Idyllic Tropical Paradise

It is one of the most popular wedding and honeymoon destinations in the world is the ideal location for your exotic wedding ceremony and honeymoon. It is affordable, spectacular and still uncrowded and now is the best time to discover its myriad pleasures. This is the ideal getaway for a journey that lasts a lifetime your wedding. It is not only the ideal location to set your wedding but also most romantic place for your honeymoon.

Kandyan Weddings

Unlike western wedding customs the regalia of a Kandyan bride is replete with exquisitely designed apparel and complemented with jewellery that gives the event a lavish look and an extra sparkle to the whole event…

Church Weddings

Christian wedding ceremonies are performed in line with the specific Christian church custom. Christian wedding ceremonies can be Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Anglican or Protestant or fundamentalist in nature…

Low Country Weddings

Much influenced by the Hindu culture Low Country Weddings gives prominence to the auspicious times. Jayamangala Gatha, the wedding chants, betel and rice play important roles in the many aspects of…

Hindu Weddings

The rites and rituals of a Hindu wedding are firmly rooted in the religious tradition and refer to the divine pattern of an ideal marriage. Many of the rituals start just a few days before, but the main one is exactly when…

Honeymoon Destinations

Magical, mystical and magnificent – Sri Lanka is a veritable haven for honeymooners. It’s a lover’s garden of Eden, a complete and exclusive hideaway that’s designed to enhance your honeymoon experience and make it memorable for a lifetime.

Nuptial customs and Traditions

Customs and rituals that have stood the test of time are the mainstay of the traditional Sri Lankan wedding ceremony. Although they have been subject to change over time the key factors such as observing the nekath (auspicious times), the poruwa sirith and the jayamangala gatha (wedding chant) remain unchanged.
A highly sought after wedding destination this magical little tropical island is ideal for lovers from the world over.