Welcome to Sri Lanka

The Ideal Wedding & Honeymoon Location

Sri Lanka is a lush tropical island that’s famed for its natural beauty from time immemorial. Set in the Indian Ocean just beneath the tip of India, Sri Lanka has been a magical and magnetic location for seafarers from the world over.

Traditional Weddings

Kandyan Weddings

Unlike western wedding customs the regalia of a Kandyan bride is replete with exquisitely designed apparel and complemented with jewellery that gives the event a lavish look and an extra sparkle to the whole event.

Low Country Weddings

Much influenced by the Hindu culture Low Country Weddings gives prominence to the auspicious times. Jayamangala Gatha, the wedding chants, betel and rice play important
roles in the many aspects of Low Country Weddings ...

Hindu Weddings

The rites and rituals of a Hindu wedding are firmly rooted in the religious tradition and refer to the divine ...

Chinese Weddings

Sri Lanka is becoming the venue for these ethnic and mixed clientele ceremonies which give these events ...

Church Weddings

Christian wedding ceremonies are performed in line with the specific Christian church custom. Christian ...